Altar Servers / Sacristans

Altar Servers

Boys and girls in grades 5 through 8 may serve in this ministry. Servers carry the cross and candles in procession, serve as bookbearer for the priest/deacon and assist with others duties at the altar.  

Thank you to all of our altar servers for the fabulous job they are doing. We have received many compliments on the respect, reverence and enthusiasm shown by our servers.

Your willingness and desire to serve God and the people of St. Michael Parish is an inspiration, and your holy presence is felt and greatly appreciated!

Please Note

  • The help of our servers and their parents is needed to make sure that the server robes are hung up after every use.  Please do not leve them on the floor of the closet.
  • The most current 2012 Altar Server manual can be viewed or downloaded from this page.  This contains procedures for serving funerals and weddings. 
  •  The manual also explains the job for one of the candlebearers at the 10:30 Mass when Young People's Liturgy of the Word is celebrated.  There is no YPLW in June, July and August
  • Please remember that if you are unable to serve a scheduled Mass, it is your responsibility to find a substitute.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled Mass time.
  • When dressed, go to the area by the cross and candles to await instructions from the priest or sacristan
  • For the sake of safety, FLIP-FLOPS, or SANDALS WITHOUT BACKS are not suitable when serving at the table of the Lord.
  • Remember not to wear bright or dark colors, or shirts with messages on them.  These can be seen through your white robes and are distracting.

If you have any questions on the liturgy schedule, please contact Susan O'Connell at (708) 873-4672, or via email her at


Dedicated individuals who tend to and care for the physical needs of liturgy, especially preparations for the celebration of the Eucharist.  Procedures for sacristans are contained in this newly revised Sacristan Handbook

icon 2013_Sacristan_Manual.pdf (182 KB)

If you would like more information, please call Rosanne Cesaro at 708-460-3345 or email her at