Support Groups

Bereavement Ministry (Grief Support)..

There are three facets of Bereavement Ministry:

  • At the time of the death of a parishioner, Sister Marietta meets with the family of the deceased to help them prepare the funeral liturgy. Sister also attends the wake and does the wake service for the deceased. She assists the priest at the funeral.
  • Twice a year, St. Michael Parish presents a Bereavement Program, How to Go On After a Loved One Has Died.  This program is presented by Sister Marietta Umlor, once in the Spring, and again in the Fall.  This 4 week program covers the following:

    • Understanding Grief: the pain, the struggle, the sorrow.
    • Feelings: a discussion of the many feelings that accompany grief and that are a natural part of the healing process.
    • Families Grieve Differently: how each family member grieves in his/her own way.
    • How to Go On? The need to go on and the necessity of wholeness and reintegration.
  • In addition to the bi-annual beravement program, Sister Marietta Umlor facilitates support groups that meet at 7 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month in the St. Michael Library.  These groups offer people an opportunity to share their grief which also helps them to begin to work through the loss. As individuals tell their stories they are supported, reassured, encouraged and understood.

For more information please contact Sr. Marietta by phone at the Service Ministry Office at (708) 873-4635 or via email at

Unemployed Support..

Below you will find a manual that can assist you with developing a strategic approach for getting hired.  It includes informaton on time management, resume' building, cover letters, using the telephone effectively, verbal presentations, interviewing, networking, and technology.